Everyday “Indian”

Week Day


( Vegan/Vegetarian), Variety Lenthil Dish, Veg. Curry, Special Rice Item, Wheat flatbread( Roti) or White Rice

A la carte

Garlic or Plain Naan Bread with Veg Curry, Wheat flatbread (Roti) with
Veg. Curry, Special Rice with Yogurt Raitha.

Week End

South Indian, North Indian Appetizer, Chats, Indo chinese items

Wednesday,Friday,Saturday from 5 pm to 9 pm

Radha Grocers, 9 Hendrix Dr, Greenville, SC 29607

Authentic Indian Food

Oct 17th

@ CUICAR 5 Research Dr,greenville, SC 29607 11.30 am to 1.30 pm

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Oct 19th

@ Radha Grocer 9 Hendrix dr, Greenville, SC 29607 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm

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Unbelievable but true

It all started with …

It's all started with a passion to cook and serve the best healthy and tasty indian vegetarian and vegan food. My thought of operating a Indian Vegetarian and Vegan food truck is to spread my love for food. Whenever someone hears the word Vegetarian or Vegan food they just think it all about eating Salad or Greens. But the reality is that there are many Vegetarian and Vegan dishes. I believe the mantra great tasting food is Passion + healthy Ingredients.

We try to avoid using chemicals, preservatives, artificial colour, un healthy oils in my cooking. In my view food should be simple and tasty.

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